Clapotis 9-1-1

Yikes! What happened to my Kochoran mini-clap? It was growing nicely. But when I measure it now….OMG. OMG! Can it really be eight-plus feet long? What on earth…did it eat some Magic Beans? That third section…did it hypnotize me?

Can this scarf be saved? Maybe…just maybe…with severe frogging, and partial amputation of its malignant overgrowth. Thus:

Clap surgery

The new edge does not match the cast-on. Does it matter? What does not kill this scarf, makes it stronger, I hope. I proclaim this “wearable.” Next!

My Silk Garden Lite mini-clap is at least 2 feet too long. It drags on the floor. This time, I suspect that the scarf abuses illegal steroids (it was trying to compete with the Kochoran). Again: to surgery.

Can this clap be saved?

Next! My third clapotis is having a panic attack. “I’m a silk-wool Mystical Creations blend,” it sobs. “Am I colorfast? Will I be dumped?”
MCY clap
Nurse, fetch this scarf some Valium while we analyze it in the lab.



Hmm…I’ve seen worse, but it does bleed. This clap will be finished, but it will not be gifted, and it must stay out of the rain. (Nice trick, here in Oregon!) Or, we might trade this scarf for some Magic Beans. Moving now to the Recovery Room:

Clap, clap, clap

All doing nicely. (And not one with health insurance!) Nurse, clear the room, please. A Danica train-wreck is coming in…


Noro clapotis

Noro clapotis, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

I still make these! Kureyon, from the stash…

Hello…, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

Aren’t sheep marvelous! At our local fiber festival, I rediscovered my favorite four-legged, fiber-wearing, fiber-sharing friends. How gentle, how fluffy! How very photogenic!

More favorites:
Lovely sheep
That face

How soulful, how sweet they are! Seeing them, I was inspired to increase my yarn stash….substantially. (Dang!)

Firecracker Hat

firecracker hat wip, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

Long story short: Knitting dozens of woolly fishies…can be intensely boring! (Cod help me!) But…I had 12 colors of Baby Ull, staring at me every day. Might there be something more interesting…???

This hat is very fun and very cute! It’s from the first Minnowknits book. Finishing might only take a week or so, with all these dangly ends….(sigh…)


Fish, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

I’m dreaming of a fish blanket

I’ve been tagged with a meme! Thank you, Susan! Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
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So, I’ve been trying to think of something to say about myself. (I never felt…so boring…until now!) Okay, here goes:

1. When I was little, I wanted to be an airplane pilot. (I actually took flying lessons for awhile…until I ran out of dough. Flying is expensive!)

2. I wish that I had gone to art school! I love to paint and draw. I like to take my art stuff outside, and try to paint and draw what I see (as long as no one is watching!).

3. When I like a song, I have to listen to it about a hundred times. Or more. And, I have to learn all about the song, and learn how to sing it, and how to fake it on the piano. Oh, and when I was ten, I tried to memorize and play an entire songbook from World War I. (I banged out “Over There” on the piano for hours and hours…my family was not pleased.)

4. I’ve had singing lessons, too…mostly classical stuff. I’m a soprano. Oh, and when I hear a choir, I cry. Always!

5. I went to medical school…a long time ago. I graduated. I specialized in Internal Medicine….then I switched to Psychiatry. I am a psychiatrist. A knitting, singing, painting, drawing psychiatrist.

Now, to tag others. (If anyone wants to join in, please consider yourself tagged!) How about these wonderful blogs:

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Lucy, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

She says that the sweater “RULES!”

I live for moments like this!