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Love, lost…and found.

Lonely scarf, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

Three feet into this scarf, I set the needles down and wandered away. My fickle, fickle heart…what happened?

Picking up where I left off…or, where I think I left off…I’m starting to remember.

Lonely scarf

Entrelac. It’s so repetitive…but not so mindless that I can watch “Lost” as I knit and turn, purl and turn…tire of turning…then knit backwards…or purl backwards…

This scarf whispers, “Pay attention to me!” It is a jealous, demanding scarf.

Plus, it’s Silk Garden. Little knots. Little bits (or big bits!) of twigs. Hey, it’s not so bad. I can do this.

And……whoops. It needs a bath! I think it also needs some mitts…and a hat…

Yes, we shall reclaim our lost love. It’s happening.

Lonely scarf


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Yarn love.

The yarn that started it all for me…the first yarn that I truly, truly loved…

is Noro.

Back then, I knew nothing about yarn. Nothing! I didn’t understand fibers, textures, “stray bits of veggie matter” embedded in the yarn…and I didn’t care. I was in love! Those colors just…did it for me.

And I bought it. I bought a few, then a few more…then, a lot more. I have boxes of it stashed in my closet. I have unfinished Noro projects, scattered all over the place.

“More yarn?” asked my husband. “Can we eat the yarn? Can we burn it for fuel?” LOL…I did slow down the Noro buying binge, a bit…

But then, something happened. I discovered other yarn.

Today, I looked at my Noro boxes. I still love you, Noro. I think I will try to finish this:

Lonely Noro scarf.

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A knitted thing.

Would you like to see a scarf?So-called Folktale Fibers scarf.So-called Folktale Fibers scarf.

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Another knitting blog…

and, why not?

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