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Big news here…

Dear, lovely Megan tells us that she is expecting. Her first!! We are all so, so excited. Naturally, I want to knit something for the baby. I’m the only knitter in the family, and I love to knit for kids.

Let’s see…she wants a boy. Um, well. So much for the huge tubs of pink, girly yarn I have meticulously stored for year after year… (I am actually trying to “knit down the stash.” Yes, really!!) I don’t have any baby-pastels. (Er, none, except for some fancy non-washable stuff.) I have some boring white DK….I’ll use it if I must…

Hold on. What about this….?

It’s some organic beaverslide, from a wonderful hand-dyer and mommy, here in Oregon. The colors spoke to me (i.e., rainbow is my fave!) I got it last year, and haven’t touched it yet. Washable, yes? Yes! I started a baby blanket. Just now!

baby blanket, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

Just basket weave. (It’s pooling already…dang! Do you think the kid will notice?)
And while I’m working on this, I will plot my next move. Maybe…some baby socks??

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Lucy’s sweater, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

The “Not-Quite-Ready-For-Easter” sweater. LOL! Lucy might have preferred a soccer outfit. (Dang!)

Say, it is a really nice day. If I back up a little, with my camera, I see this:Lucy's sweater, zooming out


And if I back up a little more, y’all get a view of my living room.

Lucy's sweater, zooming out some more

I wish you all could come over, today. You could see the sweater! I would pick up the toys, first, of course!

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