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Hello…, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

Aren’t sheep marvelous! At our local fiber festival, I rediscovered my favorite four-legged, fiber-wearing, fiber-sharing friends. How gentle, how fluffy! How very photogenic!

More favorites:
Lovely sheep
That face

How soulful, how sweet they are! Seeing them, I was inspired to increase my yarn stash….substantially. (Dang!)


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firecracker hat wip, originally uploaded by yarntherapy88.

Long story short: Knitting dozens of woolly fishies…can be intensely boring! (Cod help me!) But…I had 12 colors of Baby Ull, staring at me every day. Might there be something more interesting…???

This hat is very fun and very cute! It’s from the first Minnowknits book. Finishing might only take a week or so, with all these dangly ends….(sigh…)

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